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Order Tulip Bulbs Online

You can now order tulip bulbs directly from Holland at
We offer a wide arrangement of the most beautiful varieties in our tulip bulb webshop. You can already order your flower bulbs for shipping from September until December.

Planting Tulip Bulbs

Planting tulip bulbs needs to be done in Autumn, when the ground cools off. There is nothing more easy to do in your garden than planting flower bulbs. You just dig a hole as deep as three times the bulb height and you put the flower bulb, with the tip up and roots down, in the hole. Cover it with soil, give a little bit of water and wait...

Combining Tulip Bulbs

There are several ways to create a stunning garden with flower bulbs.
- You can plant the bulbs in groups per variety. You will have a geat colourful group of tulips.
- Or mix two or more colours of tulips in one group. Great colour combinations will make real eye catchers. Just use varieties with the same flowering period.
- To have a long-lasting flowering period you can combine tulips with different flowering periods in one group. One colour will succeed the previous variety whereby you can enjoy the tulips for a longer period. Feel free to combine different or just the same colour. Don't hesitate to mix in some other kinds of flower bulbs too.