What we do

We love to share our world famous Dutch Tulip Bulbs with the world.

Since the Golden Age the Dutch are crazy about Tulips and keep breeding them until today. We have selected the best, strongest and most colourful varieties and ship them across Europe.
You are very welcome in our webshop to order your choice of bulbs. We will pick them by hand, pack them carefully and ship them to your doorstep.

Holland is well known for its tulips fields. In spring time the fields are painted in all the colours of the rainbow. Most of the bulbs are grown in the Amsterdam area and in the northwest of the Netherlands. The sand and clay soils and the influence of the North Sea contribute to the high quality of our bulbs. Being near large international transportation hubs, we can easily ship to all EU countries.

What more?

Besides tulip bulbs the Dutch growers offer a lot more. Check out our Daffodils and Narcissi, our Hyacinths and many other great flower bulbs.


TulipLovers.com is a daughter of YouTulip Netherlands which was founded in 2008 and is since then one of the best flower bulb webshops on the net. 

YouTulip achieved a top 3 position in Which? Gardening Magazine in the flower bulb test in 2014, leaving most of the large companies behind.

To stay the best we keep working on our quality, assortment and webshop. We often go out to the fields to select the best varieties for garden planting. Often we find odd and rare varieties and come back with new planting combinations.

Let us know

Feel free to contact us with any question or just to let us know your opinion.

We love to see the photos of your flowers too!

Enjoy your bulbs.